Uma biblioteca é um espaço físico que guarda conhecimento e este deve ser compartilhado, contribuindo com a cultura da sociedade.

Quais seriam os elementos chaves para que uma biblioteca possa ser atrativa e ao mesmo tempo sustentável? Deixe sua dica!

I absolutely love this design. I don’t know who did it, but when I got a present from this shop I couldn’t throw the bag away…




This job was done in 2008 for Form Art Gallery


Foodbank is a non-denominational, charitable organisation which sources donated and surplus food from the food and grocery industry to distribute to welfare and community agencies that provide food assistance to people in need. I am really proud to have contributed with Foodbank WA in designing their profile so they can continue to do their wonderful work. The request and approval was from CEO Doug Paling and the PA Denise Shade.

I was asked to develop a folder that could hold sheets and the sheets could be updated from time to time. I created a landscape cardboard folder and  sheets in A4. The entire project was done using Foodbank  colours and look and feel, so it follows the organisation identity.




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